Starting Price: $299.00

(800 square feet, or 20’ x 40’ or smaller)
During our pool opening service, our technician will:

  • Remove one (1) pool cover and water bags (if applicable) and place next to pool to dry before storage
  • Remove plugs and gizmos without entering pool
  • Reinstall skimmer baskets, fittings, plugs, and gauges provided by pool owner
  • Reinstall handrails and ladder provided by pool owner
  • Start circulating water if equipment is in working order (if equipment will not start, an additional visit and separate charge will be required)
  • Visual inspection of pool with recommendations or concerns

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Expire 05/31/24

Basic Pool Opening Package

We will schedule the pool opening sometime during the week that you select from the menu. You do NOT have to be home. Pool opening service must be paid prior to opening. Please note that pool service dates are subject to availability and weather delays. You can also leave us a note in the “additional information” box at the checkout page with any details that you would like us to know about your pool.
Does your pool have any of the following? Please check all that apply.
These services will be added to the Basic Opening Service.
Additional services highly recommended at time of opening. Please check all requested.
Prices are only valid at the time of opening.

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A Note Regarding Pool Openings

Pool cleanings, vacuuming, and clarifying water are NOT part of the Basic Pool Opening Service.

A Basic Pool Opening service from ASP is defined as a two-person team that can perform the above work in 90 minutes or less of onsite time for each specific service. The typical swimming pool that falls within this scope and cost of work is generally constructed with a single pump, filter, heater, and 2 skimmers.

Before we open the pool, please raise the pool water level to mid tile or skimmer so the pool equipment can be started.

If your swimming pool is of larger size (800+ square feet) or has additional equipment, it may create additional charges. Services do not include any raised beams or walls, water features, spa features or any other special features that would require attention at the time of the opening or closing service.

If you feel that the nature of your swimming pool is outside the scope of what has been defined by ASP for a Basic Pool Opening service (stated above) and may be subject to additional charges, please contact us.

The pandemic left us in a unique situation because it has impacted both supply and demand. Some manufacturers still aren’t operating at the levels they reached before the pandemic. With the global supply chain shortages, the cost defined herein for all pool opening, closing, weekly maintenance and related services are subject to change at the sole discretion of ASP.

HOWEVER, by taking advantage of this discount, your rate will be LOCKED IN for the duration of the 2022 season!